Ader Chen | Creative Director of Xcellent Products International

Ader Chen joined the Palo Alto Design Group in San Francisco in 1995 as the Senior Designer, and he is currently Creative Director of Xcellent Products International and Value Innovation Consultant of Minghui (Zhuhai) Furniture Company, specialising in product design, branding strategy, product development and transformation coaching for traditional industry. He worked with many famous office furniture brands, and won numerous honours, including the Golden Pin Award (2013, 2014), Kapok Design Awards China (2017), and Taiwan Excellent Award (2018). He also led the Xcellent design team in 2006 and 2007 in Taiwan, the only design team invited to participate in the Rookie Show design at the Milan International Furniture Fair.
To Chen, design is all about solving problems and providing solutions. His motto is always a personal reflection on the role of designer referencing the book “If you cannot make it more beautiful, what’s the point?” He believes that beauty, which encompasses meanings of good structure and sitting elegance, should be the end goal designers go after. With considerable achievements on chair research, this time Chen is taking a back-to-basics approach to design an extremely simple office chair: simply offering the fundamentals of comfort, support and easy operation. Behind SLEEK’s simplicity is also Chen’s pursuit of a green product through minimal to no use of screws for assembling, and the try on a new environmental material, which consumes less resources and releases less carbon footprints during production.