Samuel Chan

Ader Chen

Dylan Kwok

Eric Tong



As a rising Chinese brand of quality seating products, ZUO ZUO has strong attachments to the motherland and its extended Chinese communities. Few men, drinking at a rivulet, stopped to consider its source; We do. Especially when we have been there, knowing all things are difficult before they are easy. All the more we understand how easily resources and opportunities, despite already limited, slip away from Chinese designers on the global stage.

We take pride in the transcendent Chinese virtues such as perseverance and diligence, and we fully acknowledge the hardship and competition our Chinese designers have endured. For those who remain and stand till this day, they produce not only design, but superb design that makes each of them one out of a billion who shines. Consequently, ZUO ZUO decides to play our part as a distinct platform to expose and showcase some of these emerging designers of Chinese origin, bridging their works with the unique spirit of Chinese culture across to the regional and overseas markets.


In the everyday Chinese culture, sitting is not a prize to be possessed, it is a quality of thought, a state of mind.As our brand statement suggests, there is a whole world of treasures for us to discover within sitting. It could be the prelude to a conversation; the posture to regain composure; or even the means to clear the mind for planning and contemplation. ZUO ZUO has worked with many of the best Chinese designers in the world and will continue to commission and guide more upcoming ones for collaborative products in the future.