Dylan Kwok | Designer

As the receiver to both the best Master’s thesis award in Art by the University of Art and Design Helsinki (TAIK) and the DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award (YDTA) in 2009, Dylan Kwok has made a strong statement about himself as a designer, communicator and urbanist. Born in Hong Kong and having close family ties in Japan, Kwok subsequently moved to Canada and Finland for studies and work. The multicultural background exposed him to Nordic socialism and its minimalistic design, which have since become the pivots of his design interest especially in the realm of public space.
Currently based in Hong Kong, Kwok works on independent design projects. As a rule of thumb, he prides himself on product design that induces happiness and is not just another piece of crap. To him, design is a holistic tool to change life for good. His design is hence a direct communication with the changing time and culture for co-working space.