Amoebic levels of gameplay
One can always find typical office sofa with 1 or 3 seater configurations in various workplaces. However, these seating offers no longer satisfy the needs of the Millennials who would like to have freedom in different sitting postures when working away from their desks.
Some may like to sit with their feet up or sit at a low level or even on the floor for group chats.
Rubik was conceived with the idea of creating a truly agile and informal non-desk work environment for the team to inhabit throughout the day, which can be easily reconfigured in response to the occasions, tasks, mood or whim of the users.
It was designed to be a multi-level modular soft seating system for people to sit, to lounge and to lie on. The fundamental characteristic of Rubik is its unlimited modularity. Simply by arranging and rearranging the modules to function as seats, backrests and armrests, one can enjoy the luxury of changing the configuration as many times as you desire, and redesigning the space as much as possible to support different activities.
The aesthetics is a fine balance between the rigorous geometry of the square and the welcoming roundness of the padding, which underlines the elasticity and tactile ergonomics that characterize Rubik.