Design thinking is usually understood as a user-centric problem-solving tool. However, in a successful design, “user” is defined not only as end users, but all stakeholders involved in every link of the value chain. PEGnPLAY is a comprehensive bench-based systems furniture developed with true design thinking, taking into consideration the needs and concerns of all stakeholders in its value chain. The modularized design of the systems with interchangeable add-on components (such as sofa back, armrest, back cushion, coffee tray, writing tablet, table frame, bookshelves, and meeting island, etc.) make inventory control and transportation easy for our dealers. For space planners, the system enables them to flexibly plan out customized solutions for particular footprint or functional requirements. For employers, the system provides material support to a dynamic and collaborative corporate culture that helps attract and retain talents. For ultimate end users or employees, the system elevates their workplace experience with facilitation of easy communication and collaboration with an open, equal and uplifted spirit.