Screen with Light and Air Permeability
Desktop panels are not new but as office culture has evolved into one that encourages communication and collaboration, the height and the materials of these panels should be reviewed. Furthermore, the Millennials are comfortable to work in coffee-shop environments where background noise is not an issue. The functions of acoustic screening and channeling communication wirings through the panel in this 5G era have become obsolete. Desktop screens should be merely seen as a spatial divider that could enhance the well-being of workers.

Shoji was created with this concept behind. It divides work surfaces and organizes spaces with great flexibility and transparency. It is composed of structural steel frames with woven ropes or planters for greenery as the body of the screen to ensure visual permeability between various areas of the office space. The top and bottom sections are doubled-framed for hanging accessories.

Accessories include paper tray, file holder and whiteboard made in folded sheet metal with powder coating finish.