More Than A Bench
PEGnPLAY is an innovative bench-based systems solution that allow various add-on elements (such as sofa back, armrest, back cushion, coffee tray, writing tablet, table frame, bookshelves, and meeting island, etc.) pegged onto the seating bench to enhance the functionality of the product to support various tasks in collaborative workplaces. Designed with modularity in mind, add-on elements could even span across adjoining units for maximum flexibility and easy planning. As a comprehensive workplace solution, PEGnPLAY works well as a stand-alone furniture piece or in combination with connecting meeting tops, in any receptions, waiting areas, meeting corners, coffee lounges, brainstorming galleries, and open offices.
PEGnPLAY Work-lounge Linear Module
Given the progress of communication technologies, the role of physical workplaces has evolved into a social habitat for people to meet in person so as to establish emotional bond. PEGnPLAY Work-lounge is a modular system designed to form various networking seating arrangements of their distinct characters, whether it is the atrium of a corporate hub, the circled discussion zone, the waiting area, or the reception area for meeting guests.