What beats food when it comes togathering people together? Nothing… but snacks!Targeting the co-working space, PEGSaPlay is a plural bench-platform containing 14pegs that multiplies with a collection of add-ons named after snacks. Be it privatedecision-making, family union or idea brainstorming, the three standard combos ofthe Study, the Community and the Startup are flexible and handy settings to supporta wide range of purposes, postures and professions.

Designer | Dylan Kwok



By Chance Work Plays

In Chinese and Western traditions, the emergence of chairs always alludes tothosewho ascend in rank through games and competitions. Drawing inspirations from theChinese domino games of “Tien Gau”, PEGSaPLAY takes elements of chance andcombo to the full, offering aplayful yet versatile bench-stationthat brings adifferent mixof people and ideas together for teamwork or group play.

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