It’s a Chair. It’s a High stool. It’s Plover.
Free like a Bird with the ability to roam the earth and soar up into the sky, birds are natural symbols of freedom. Capturing this free spirit of the birds as well as the duality of their solitary and social nature, Plover is a collection of chairs that can be used individually or collectively whether for brainstorming, seminars or co-creating collaboration. The Plover chairs may appear delicate, but they got everything one needs.
Plover was designed to meet the demands of the new work culture of the Millennials who prefer a more relaxed and informal way of interactions among fellow workers in casual sitting postures such as horse-riding back-to-front sitting with the head-tablet as wrist support for texting on mobile phones; or sitting sideway using the head-tablet as elbow-rest for holding electronic devices; or even sitting on the head-tablet with feet on footrest. Therefore, Plover is a chair as well as a high stool.

Designer | Eric Tong



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