A Classic, Reinterpreted
It’s no secret that many creative and successful ideas happen away from the proper working desk. Coffee shop-inspired workspaces encourage a more relaxing working approach. But “relaxed” doesn’t necessarily mean unproductive. Many individuals find that working with a cup of coffee can have a huge impact on their creativity and level of output. Embracing coffee culture in the workplace, particularly by having furniture pieces for employees to work with coffee in hand, is a great way of encouraging interaction, common understanding and emotional bond among employees.
TIC TAC TOE side tables were designed to have the top in single sheet metal folded to create a primary work surface and a secondary coffee/refreshment corner. A few simple folds are sufficient to create a functional section with clean and beautiful lines. Nevertheless, the side tables are more than good looks. Their bases fit right under most sofas and provide users with a convenient work surface for laptop or tablet as well as a secured place for coffee cups or water bottles. Though slim in appearance, the tables are sturdy for writing or working upon a laptop.