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Flex + Stretch
Long working hours is not an uncommon phenomenon in Asia and many Asians practise yoga to reduce stress and fatigue. Some people would even say practising a few yoga postures is equivalent to an extra cup of coffee but without the negative side effects. Nevertheless, the combination of movement and stretching, such as arching your spine and bringing your shoulder blades onto your back, or straightening your legs and opening up your chest, do rejuvenate abdominal organs, increase oxygen level and boost energy.
What if a chair that could allow users to simulate these yoga postures? What if a chair that could stretch like a bridge posture in yoga?
YogaBridge was designed with this concept and responds to the fact that people do not adjust their chairs as often as they should, therefore requiring the chair to do it for them by being dynamically reactive.


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    YogaBridge offers a high level of ergonomic excellence through active and passive adaptability. The chair has only two active adjustments: seat height and seat depth. Its exemplary ergonomic performance is achieved through the passive but dynamically reactive adaptability. This is largely due to its self-weight activated mechanism as well as its highly adaptive TPAE frameless backrest design, its overall material performance and the precision engineering of the aluminum structural support at the back.
    Overall, YogaBridge is a fine example of sustainability design with efficient material use. The possible impacts on the environment in a complete product life cycle including repairing, disassembling, reusing and recycling have been taken into considerations during the design process.
    Available in seven shell colours with optional headrest and upholstery back, YogaBridge offers a high-quality seating experience with comfort and aesthetics in any work environment.


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