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General Description
Life Made Workable
Zürich is made up of high-back chair types of the valuable and bold end. It initiates quality time: it makes your office hours enjoyable by offering an unparalleled sitting experience that leads you to work less for more.


Specific Product Description
The Zürich chairs are characterised by the generous use of aluminum both for the luster and the stability. Come with the fixed armrests that openly put the body and mind at ease, it is both visually and physically stimulating to indulge in the ergonomic luxury of Zürich’s contoured backrest and responsive seat movement, which caters to guests of different heights.
At a Glance
Headrest Material | Fabric
Colour Options | 8 colours in Fabric
Armrest Material | Aluminum
Seat Pan Material | Mesh
Colour Options | Black
Seat Surface Material | Fabric
Colour Options | 8 colours in Fabric
Base Material | Aluminum
Base Options | 5-star Castered

Additional information


Black, Deep Blue, Green, Green Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow

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